Room Mockups are already set rooms, of many styles, that we provide for you to place pieces on. Examples include galleries, living rooms, work spaces, and many more. All walls are already set up, for your artworks to be represented at real scale and with perspective. If you believe one of the walls is not quite right, you may report it.

Finding a Room Mockup of your liking:

1) First you will need to go to the Spaces section on the menu. Then choose the Room Mockups option in the Spaces section of the menu.

2) You can browse and filter our Room Mockups images, to find the space that best suits your needs. You can filter your search and mark your favorite spaces, which will be automatically saved to your favorite collection (accessible on your left -hand corner  above the filters).

Placing your art:

3) Once you have selected your space, you can start editing. Select an artwork from your artworks and drag it to the desire wall. Place it by dragging it around the wall to the desire position, or use the Position buttons, to center, align, evenly space and more.

Walls are already set up for your artworks to be represented at real scale and with perspective. Just drag and drop your artworks into the space. You can select a frame and adjust lighting and shadows to match the environment.

4) If the space you have selected is a Smart Space, you will have the option of customizing the wall colors as well. You can select any color for the walls. Click or tap on “Customize” at the bottom bar, a panel will appear on the right-hand side. You can select a color from a color picker or enter a specific HEX, RGB or HSL color code. 

Cropping, Saving and Downloading:

5) When you are done editing on the left-hand corner you will find that clicking on the three dots, you can email it to someone, save it, or download it to your device.

Crop, Download, Share via email, or Save your final Setup. You will find these options in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

And for further editing or correcting on the walls if you feel like it's off, click on set up walls to redetermine the space and height of the walls.